20 Free Sand and Water Textures for the Summer

Posted by John Shaver on Jul 31, 2013 in
20 Free Sand and Water Textures for the Summer

Summer time means a lot of things. Pool parties, barbeques, hot weather, no school, vacations. Everyone's favorite spot to get away from the heat is almost universally the beach.

Sadly, it's not always possible to make the trip for some much needed rest and relaxation. If you're stuck at home, I want to help.

This roundup contains 20 free sand and water textures so you can at least pretend you're walking barefoot on the beach.

*Some textures may require attribution, so make sure you check out the licensing for each photo carefully.

Free Sand Textures

1. Sand and shells by Andre Mouraux

Free Sand Textures

2. Seamless desert sand texture by hhh316

Free Sand Textures

3. Course Sand Texture by versageek

Free Sand Textures

4. Beach sand closeup by Asisbiz.com

Free Sand Textures

5. Tiled Sand Texture by xxdigipxx

Free Sand Textures

6. Sand texture by Bgfons.com (Link removed for potential malware)

Free Sand Textures

7. HDR beach sand texture by Vincent

Free Sand Textures

8. Sand texture by Zephroth

Free Sand Textures

9. Sand texture by Marshall Clark

Free Sand Textures

10. Yellow sand texture by Public-domain-image.com

Free Sand Textures

Free Water Textures

1. Swimming Pool Pattern #2 by Lee Coursey

2. Water 041 by chrstphre campbell

3. Water ripples texture by Juan Tello

4. Water Beauty Texture by EvilHateYouAllStock

5. Water texture by GRANNYSATTICSTOCK

6. Perfect Water by bean-stock

7. Sea texture by Dristals

8. Sea texture by Lnk.Si

9. Water surface by Rupert Ganzer

10. Water texture by Geeart.com

If that doesn't make you want to drop everything and get out of the house, then you might have a design addiction like me.

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