20 HDR Tutorials and 50 Inspiring Photos

Posted by John Shaver on Jul 08, 2013 in
20 HDR Tutorials and 50 Inspiring Photos

High dynamic range photography can produce images with colors and contrast closer to what we see in reality, or give your photos a supernatural look.

The different HDR styles are not for everyone. Sometimes the best HDR comes when the effect goes undetected. Other times, the illustrated, hyper-realistic processing is more interesting.

Either way, HDR photography provides some great inspiration.

20 HDR Photography Tutorials

1. Secrets of amazing HDR photography

2. Photoshop Tutorial: Creating an HDR Image From A Single RAW File

3. HDR with the Sony NEX-7 Camera

4. HDR Tutorial

5. Photomatix Pro 4 HDR Software Tutorial Covering Tone Mapping Using Detail Enhancer

6. Lightroom 4.1 new HDR feature compare to Photomatix by Serge Ramelli

7. Lightroom Tutorial: HDR Look with a Single Image

8. HDR Processing Techniques with Rob Hanson - Part 1 of 5

9. HDR Tutorial with hracketing and Photomatix Pro

10. Captain Kimo's HDR Technique Revealed

11. Creating an HDR-like Image From a Single RAW File in Lightroom

12. Video Lightroom 4 Tutorial – Fake HDR

13. Exposure blending tutorial: Photoshop

14. Create an HDR effect in Photoshop CS5

15. Introduction to High Dynamic Range Photography

16. HDR Style Results Using Layers in Photoshop

17. HDR Photography With Photoshop CS5

18. HDR Photo Tutorial

19. HDR Photoshop Tutorial with Photoshop

20. 8 Easy Steps to Fake an HDR Look in Photoshop

50 Inspiring HDR Photography Examples

1. Twisting by the Pool HDR by ISIK5

2. Sky Bar Sirocco by Suradej Chuephanich

3. Great Pyramid HDR by ammardesigns

4. The Glass Palace HDR by ISIK5

5. Converse HDR try by ThavipaNL

6. Light and Dark by Steve Huskisson

7. Fire and Water Drop 02 HDR by Creative--Dragon

8. HDR by Kenny Teo (zoompict)

9. Port Dickson HDR by kennytyy

10. Tower hridge HDR by dr_cooke

11. HDR by cronos690

12. Off the beaten Path HDR XII by Witch-Dr-Tim

13. Taxi Newyork HDR by TonistL

14. Lost - HDR by Ageel

15. CEC Bank HDR by HDRenesys

16. Sunrise @ Marina Barrage, Singapore :: HDR by Artie Photography

17. Zio Tom by Giuseppe Peppoloni

18. Purple Foggy Sky HDR by HDRenesys

19. Space Shuttle Enterprise by Michael Noirot

20. Yellow lentil by Giuseppe Peppoloni

21. HDR: Evening clouds over Farrnbach Valley by Dirk Paessler

22. HDR Volkswagen Scirocco by Erbarbas

23. Tube Mice by Aaron Yeoman

24. Lights and colours by Giuseppe Peppoloni

25. Jetty ... by Pawel Tomaszewicz

26. Honey HDR by evrengunturkun

27. A Place To Survive HDR by ISIK5

28. Wooden HDR by ISIK5

29. Downtown Manhattan Cityscape By Night by Dr. Martin Zeile

30. C I V I L . D U S K by Danskie Dijamco

31. Rural Skies by Simone Byrne

32. Hdr by Steve Gripp

33. Lion HDR by DanielleMiner

34. Summer HDR by AyseSelen

35. HDR landscape at Westonbirt Arboretum by Lucas Dowle

36. HDR Road in the Peaks by PaulDCocker

37. HDR: Central heterochromia by Steamcrunk

38. HDR-Sunrise by sensationsflux

39. Hot and Cold by Beno Saradzic

40. Sunrise hdr by Arif Siyad

41. Precarious Perch HDR by Creative--Dragon

42. Blue 57 Chevy HDR by Glenn-Crouch

43. Shores of Birchy Cove HDR by Witch-Dr-Tim Blue 57 Chev HDR by Glenn-Crouch

44. The Room I HDR by ISIK5

45. Urban Jungle by Aaron Yeoman

46. Florence by Jonas Ginter

47. Spring Sunset HDR 01 by ScorpionEntity

48. Rays of Sunlight HDR by TabithaS-Photography

49. Piazza Del Campo HDR by ISIK5

50. hrivio HDR by thegreenmanalishi

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Do You Feel Inspired?

You undoubtedly liked some photos more than others. Let me know which one was your favorite. Have an HDR photo of your own? Feel free to share it below.

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