Photoshop CS6 Quick Tip: Set Layer Opacity to 100% Using Your Keyboard

Posted by John Shaver on Jun 13, 2012 in
Photoshop CS6 Quick Tip: Set Layer Opacity to 100% Using Your Keyboard

When you make the switch from one version of a program to the next, there are differences in the way the software works. In a perfect world, every change is made for the better, but sometimes it can be frustrating when things don't work the way you expect them to.

One of the things that was frustrating me with Photoshop CS6 was that it seemed like I could no longer set the transparency of a layer to 100% using the number pad. I use to just type "100" in quick succession to make it happen, but doing it now was resulting in a 0% opacity setting.

The fix is simple. To set your currently selected layer's opacity to 100% using the number pad, or any number keys, just hit "0".

It may seem backwards that typing "0" sets it to 100% while typing "100" sets it to 0%, but it makes sense from a workflow standpoint.

You need to change the opacity to 100% more often than you need to set it to 0%, so rather than using 3 keystrokes to do it, Adobe decided that it was easier to use just 1.

Are there any other little nuances in the Photoshop CS6 interface that were giving you fits? What are some of your favorite small changes that make a big difference?

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