The Top 8 Sites for Photoshop Actions

Posted by John Shaver on Aug 29, 2013 in
The Top 8 Sites for Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are a huge time saving resource for designers and photographers alike. Creating your own actions for use in your work is a good practice, but you can also get actions created by professionals that will apply unique effects to your images.

Whether you're looking for actions that apply specific types of effects or ones that help with the general workflow of your photo editing, there are plenty of options available.

You loved our list of the Top 7 Sites for Lightroom Presets, and now we'll take a look at some of the best sites for finding both free and premium Photoshop actions.

All of these sites sell their own actions, and several also offer free actions as samples. If you work with photos, whether they're your own, your clients', or from a stock website, having some quality actions in your arsenal will make your life easier.

Design Panoply Photoshop Actions

Since this post was published, we've added our own Photoshop actions section, so make sure you check out our growing collection while you're browsing for actions.

1. offers a wide selection of high quality Photoshop actions for creating all different types of photo effects, including HDR, vintage, cross processed, and much more. Each of the product pages includes sample before and after photos, showing what the actions can do. In addition, also offers several free actions as samples throughout their blog. Aside from the actions, they also offer Lightroom presets, photo overlays, textures, and other really cool products.

2. FilterGrade

FilterGrade has a wonderful collection of Photoshop actions, plus a free mini bundle containing 15 of their most popular items. The FilterGrade blog is also an excellent resource for photographers or designers who work with photos in their projects. Make sure you also check out the Best Sellers page, because they often run specials on bundles of their premium actions.

3. MCP Actions

MCP Actions offers a wide variety of high quality Photoshop actions for improving eyes and teeth, skin re-touching, different types of photo effects, and general workflow. They even have some actions that will take your photos and create collages (or blog boards) that you can use for posting photos to your blog. While most of their actions are priced in line with most professional action sets that you will find, they do offer a nice selection of free actions. Their product pages include several before and after shots so you can get a good idea of what the actions will do.

MCP Actions

4. Florabella Collection

Florabella is another trusted source of professional-quality Photoshop actions. They have several action sets that are great for use with outdoor portraits and shots in natural light. Most of these add soft effects that can subtly improve the look of a photo. They also offer re-touch and makeover actions, as well as black & white actions. Florabella is geared mostly towards professionals, as most of their action sets sell for over $100, but they are fairly large bundles with a number of different files included.

Florabella Collection

5. Totally Rad!

Totally Rad! may not have quite as large of a selection as the other sites mentioned so far, but they do have a reputation for being very high quality. They have two large sets of actions, TRA1 and TRA2, or you can get both of them together for a discount. With the actions from Totally Rad! you can easily and quickly make color tweaks, add black and white effects, retouch portraits, and a variety of different effects. They also include actions for basic workflow, things like adjusting contrast and applying vignettes. You can get a free trial of some actions by signing up for an account with Totally Rad!

Rad Lab!

6. Paint the Moon

Paint the Moon offers a large selection of quality actions that can be used to improve your photos. They offer actions that help to speed up your workflow, a Miracle Makeover set that improves skin, eyes, and teeth, Wonderland actions that add hazy and dreamy effects, and a bunch of others. They're all priced comparably to competitors, and they also offer bundles and all of their actions in one big pack.

Paint the Moon

7. Night Fate

Night Fate has some quality actions at very reasonable prices. Their sets are smaller than some of the other sites listed here, so you can get them at lower prices. They have a good selection of actions for styles like color pop, airy tones, hazy, and more. Also of interest, Night Fate has a section for free actions but they only offer the freebies for a limited time.

Night Fate

8. Yellow Sky Actions

Yellow Sky Actions doesn't have a ton of different action sets to choose from, but they do offer a nice bundle of 101 actions. That bundle includes essential, color actions, smokin' effects, and black & white actions. There are a few preview images for the actions, but not a whole lot.

Yellow Sky Actions

9. Bellevue Avenue

Bellevue Avenue offers several different sets of actions at reasonable prices. They have actions for things like mattes, newborns, flawless skin, eyes & teeth, and more. They also sell the actions in a few different bundles at discounted prices. Before and after sample photos are shown for each action set as well. Bellevue Avenue also offers a few free actions.

Yellow Sky Actions

Do you know of any other good sites for Photoshop Actions? Which one is your favorite?

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