You Will Never Need Another Site for Stock Photos Again

Posted by John Shaver on Mar 31, 2014 in
You Will Never Need Another Site for Stock Photos Again

I don't normally post news or announcements from other websites, but this is one I am SUPER pumped about.

I don't buy a ton of design resources, but I do buy a lot of stock photos. It's always been a huge headache, figuring out how many credits I need, when the credits will expire, what size image I should buy... the list was never ending. I've always wanted an easy way to buy a single photo for a single price, without having to worry about the superfluous stuff.

Creative Market has just launched a new photos section, and it is RIDICULOUS how awesome it is.

It could not be easier.

1. Find a beautiful photo
2. Buy the beautiful photo

There's no dealing with credits, multiple size options, different licensing, NOTHING.

One photo, one price, and one minute of my time before I'm using the photo I bought in my work.

I don't even need to mention the level of Creative Market's quality, so I'll just share some of my favorite photos below.

I highly suggest you take a gander and see what's available, but beware, you may ending buying things you didn't know you needed!

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