How to Change a Person's Eye Color in Photoshop
Posted on Jun 17, 2014 in Design, Photography, Tutorials
Whether you're looking to enhance the natural beauty of your subjects eyes, change them to a completely different color, or add a rainbow iris effect to an image, you can follow the same basic steps to get there. This tutorial...
20 HDR Tutorials and 50 Inspiring Photos
Posted on Jul 08, 2013 in Photography, Tutorials, Roundups, Inspiration
High dynamic range photography can produce images with colors and contrast closer to what we see in reality, or give your photos a supernatural look. The different HDR styles are not for everyone. Sometimes the best HDR comes...
High Pass Sharpening in Photoshop
Posted on Nov 20, 2012 in Photography, Tutorials
You might be familiar with some of the standard sharpening methods that Photoshop offers, including Sharpen, Sharpen More, and Unsharp Mask. But have you ever stopped to consider whether these sharpening filters are the best way...
How To Make Your Photos Pop In Lightroom 4 In 5 Minutes
Posted on Apr 17, 2012 in Photography, Tutorials
Our very first video tutorial will show you how to use Lightroom 4 to take a dull, lifeless photo and turn it into something that stands above the rest in a measly 5 minutes. This tutorial covers Lightroom 4, but the same...


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